Our mission is to help transform your relaxation experience through holistic therapeutic innovation.

Asayah Spa House of Holistic Therapy creates natural, luxury aromatherapy candles and botanicals that are infused with pure essential oils and fragrances that are optimally formulated to purify the air, moisturize, inspire and provide therapeutic benefits to your mind, body and spirit.


Our luxury aromatherapy candles are infused with essential oils to help nourish dry skin and soothe sore muscles while also ensuring that you enjoy the traditional aroma side of candles.

Each candle is hand-poured in small batches to guarantee that you get the best luxury aromatherapy experience possible.

Do Stress Relief Candles Really Work?

The short answer is yes!
Studies have shown that certain therapeutic scents can help people relax, as they have calming properties.
It’s amazing to think that something as simple as a scent can have that big of an effect on the human body, but it’s true!
Aromatherapy, in the form of calming scents for stress, works by targeting the scent receptors in your brain.
You breathe in the scent, for example, from a stress relief candle, and the molecules in the scent go in through your nose, which triggers the parts of the brain responsible for calming you down.
The effect is practically immediate and completely painless, with no side effects. You’ll just feel that much calmer!


Top Five Benefits of Aromatherapy Candles

  • Eliminates Feelings of Depression
  • Provides Relief from Insomnia & Stress
  • Boosts Immune System and Respiratory System
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Natural Pain Reliever

Benefits of Asayah Spa Candles:

  • Multi-Purpose - Can be used as an Aromatherapy CandleMassage Oil or Moisturizer/Lotion
  • Cleaner Burning - No toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it's less likely to trigger allergies. No petrol-carbon soot like you get from petroleum-based paraffin candles. 
  • Longer Lasting - Soy wax burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle.
  • Skin Safe - Helps moisturize dry flaking skin.
  • Biodegradable and Water Soluble - These hand-poured candles are made out of soybeans, they are naturally biodegradable which makes accidental spills easier to clean. 
  • Stimulates the economy by utilizing a natural, renewable resource.
  • No lead or zinc cored wicks ever! - All wicks used are made of either cotton, paper or hemp.

The soy wax used is certified kosher, contains no herbicides or pesticides and is genetically unaltered. Only high quality scents and pure essential oils are used.