Ambiance Room & Linen Spray

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  A scent of ambient serenity, extremely inviting and sensual. Deep and refreshing, fresh and carefree. Wrapped in the warmth of amber, wood and moss, just from the initial smell of this fragrance.

 You will feel cozy and lavish, like being wrapped in a soft cashmere sweater. The musky scent combined with the subtle herbal notes makes this particular unique fragrance a favorite for both the feminine and masculine. It is very comforting while it transports your soul to a spa resort. 

Rich, sophisticated, and floral notes envelop the air with no more than a gentle burst making the aromatic arua a sure thing to remember in any room.

We package our home sprays in amber glass bottles with screw top lids or high quality trigger sprayers. Our simple design fits beautifully in any style home. Bottles are recyclable and refillable.

Spray lightly on linens, clothes or in the home.

Please shake well before using.

16 oz | 473 ml

Ingredients- Contains distilled water, essential oil, surfactant, isopropanol, and fragrance.